Homey Integrates Ebeco: A Warm Connection

Delving into the fusion of Ebeco's innovative floor heating with Homey Pro, powered by the promise of open REST APIs.

Introduction: Expanding Homey Pro’s Integration Capabilities

Building on the successful integration with LK Systems, our focus shifted towards leveraging Homey Pro’s extensive capabilities further. I identified Ebeco, a leader in floor heating solutions, as my next collaborator.

The Inspiration: Advanced Features of Ebeco’s Smart Control

Ebeco’s Smart Control is more than a conventional floor heating system. Its open REST API provides a sophisticated platform for monitoring and controlling thermostats efficiently. This presented an invaluable opportunity for advanced integration.

The Strategy: Capitalizing on Open API Technology

With access to Ebeco’s open REST API, I developed a clear strategy:

  1. API Integration: Our aim was to seamlessly integrate the API into our application, enabling effective data retrieval and control over Ebeco’s thermostat systems.
  2. Enhanced Compatibility: The application was designed to integrate effortlessly with Homey Pro, focusing on delivering a user-friendly experience.

The Achievement: Successful Integration of Ebeco with Homey

The integration not only came to fruition but also gained significant acceptance. The application is now available on the Homey app store, marking its success with over 600 installations to date.