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Hi, I'm Christian, a software developer, tech wizard and a

My goal is to use my software development and full-stack proficiency to craft innovative solutions for complex challenges.


Cookbook AI: Bridging Culinary Arts and AI Technology

Discover how Cookbook AI uses Next.js and React alongside AI technologies like ChatGPT and Stable Diffusion to revolutionize recipe generation.


MapMaster: A Geography-Based Flag Guessing Game

MapMaster, an open-source geography game combining APIs for an educational and fun experience.


Moonlight: A Celestial Theme for Warp Terminal

Moonlight: A theme for Warp terminal inspired by the serene glow of moonlit nights. Dive into a blend of deep blues and soft silvers, elevating your terminal's aesthetic.


Homey Meets NUT: Powering Reliable Integrations

Dive into the seamless integration of Network UPS Tools with Homey Pro, ensuring uninterrupted power and flawless monitoring.


Homey & LK Systems: An Integration Tale

From idea to a live app, discover my path to bridging Homey Pro with LK's floor heating.


Homey & IVT Anywhere: Smart Heating, Simplified

Dive into the seamless integration of IVT Anywhere with Homey Pro, channeling cutting-edge technology for optimal heating.


Homey & PAX Calima: Mastering Humidity with Smart Control

Embracing Bluetooth capabilities, Homey Pro seamlessly manages humidity levels with PAX Calima bathroom fans.


Homey Integrates Ebeco: A Warm Connection

Delving into the fusion of Ebeco's innovative floor heating with Homey Pro, powered by the promise of open REST APIs.