Homey & LK Systems: An Integration Tale

From idea to a live app, discover my path to bridging Homey Pro with LK's floor heating.

Introduction: Advancing in Home Automation with Homey Pro

I recently embarked on an exciting project with Homey Pro, aiming to deepen my expertise in smart home app development. This journey was not just about technical skills but also about understanding the intricacies of home automation systems.

The Inspiration: The Sophistication of LK Systems’ Floor Heating

My project was inspired by the advanced floor heating system in my home, LK Systems’ ICS.2. Beyond its primary heating function, the ICS.2 features an integrated webserver, allowing for remote thermostat monitoring and control. This functionality sparked the idea for my integration project.

The Strategy: Delving into LK Webserver Integration

My approach was twofold:

  1. Understanding the LK Webserver: The first step was to reverse-engineer the communication between the LK Webserver and the ICS.2 controller. This understanding was crucial for ensuring a smooth integration with my application.
  2. Developing the Homey App: Armed with this knowledge, I focused on developing a comprehensive Homey app. The goal was to create an app that would not only control the heating system but also monitor water leak sensors, thereby enhancing home safety.

The Outcome: A New Milestone in Home Automation

The result of this journey is a fully realized application, now available in the Homey app store. The app has quickly found a user base, with 200 installations and counting. This accomplishment signifies not just a personal achievement, but also a contribution to the broader community of smart home enthusiasts.