Homey Meets NUT: Powering Reliable Integrations

Dive into the seamless integration of Network UPS Tools with Homey Pro, ensuring uninterrupted power and flawless monitoring.

Introduction: Another Electrifying Integration

Building on my journey with Homey Pro, this time I turned to a rather “powerful” integration – the Network UPS Tools (NUT).

What’s NUT? An Overview

Network UPS Tools (NUT) stands as a beacon for Power Devices’ support, encompassing Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Power Distribution Units, Automatic Transfer Switches, and more. What makes NUT distinctive is its common protocol and toolkit, aiming to provide a consistent monitoring and management interface across a myriad of vendor-specific protocols. With compatibility stretching over 170 manufacturers and thousands of models, NUT’s versatility is undeniable.

Supported UPS variables

At the moment, this app taps into the core of NUT, pulling data for the following UPS variables:

  • ups.model - UPS Name.
  • battery.charge - Current battery level.
  • battery.runtime - How many seconds battery runtime is left.
  • battery.temperature - Battery temperature.
  • ups.status - Current status.
  • input.voltage - Input voltage.
  • output.voltage - Output voltage.

The Path Ahead: To-Dos

  • Discovery: Introducing ZeroConf for an easier connection.
  • Energy Metrics: A focus on including energy usage for UPSes that support this feature.

The Triumph: Power On, Without Interruption

The NUT integration with Homey Pro is more than just another app—it’s about ensuring uninterrupted power and peace of mind. Check out the app now available on the Homey app store. Its budding success is evident, boasting over 200 installations and counting.