Homey & PAX Calima: Mastering Humidity with Smart Control

Embracing Bluetooth capabilities, Homey Pro seamlessly manages humidity levels with PAX Calima bathroom fans.

Introduction: My Journey with Homey Pro Continues

As I continue to explore the capabilities of Homey Pro, I’ve ventured into a new area: Bluetooth technology. My latest project involved integrating PAX Calima bathroom fans, a challenging but rewarding experience that pushed the boundaries of what I thought possible with smart home technology.

PAX Calima: A New Standard in Bathroom Ventilation

I was intrigued by the PAX Calima, not just for its ventilation capabilities but for its advanced humidity control. These aren’t just fans; they are smart environmental managers, ensuring the bathroom is always comfortable and well-balanced.

The Journey: Building on Previous Work

My venture into integrating PAX Calima with Homey Pro was both exciting and a bit daunting. In the process, I discovered PatrickE94’s pycalima library, a pivotal piece of work in Bluetooth reverse engineering. This wasn’t a direct collaboration, but his prior achievements provided a solid groundwork that greatly informed my approach. This project was as much about learning and adapting as it was about creating, leading to a successful integration of the PAX Calima.

The Outcome: Bringing Smart Humidity Control to Homes

The integration of PAX Calima with Homey Pro goes beyond a mere technical accomplishment. It represents a shift in how we interact with our living spaces, making them more responsive and comfortable. I’m thrilled to share that this integration is now available on the Homey app store. The response has been incredible, with over 700 installations, and a rapidly growing community who are just as excited as I am to bring smart humidity control into their homes.